The agreement set out below governs the use of the application Paladin and the website

Paladin is the application that wants to change the idea of ownership. Borrow a product and make money from it, lend a product and pay just for the time you use it. We believe that sharing is caring, and that the new economy will change the way we own items, allowing us to keep them for shorter time: the time we need them.

When clicking agree you acknowledge and agree to Paladin’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, if you are not interested in using the Services, please leave this page.


Website means

App means Application

User means the individual subject who subscribes to the Paladin application e to the website:, both being a Lender or a Borrower. Only individuals shall use Paladin services.

Product means any item that will be object of the Services offered by Paladin through the App or the Website.

Borrower means the User who borrows the Product through the App

Lender means the User who lends the Product through the App

Lease Agreement means the contract which regulates the relations between the Borrower and Lender

Personal Data means all information concerning and in connection with the User which are and will be eventually requested by Paladin through the Website or the App during the subscription process.

Services means any service offered to the Users by Paladin, through the App or the Website.

Contents means the Products selected by the Users to be the object of the Services in the area during the checkout process.

Rent means the fee which shall be corresponded by the Lender to the Borrower in connection with the use of the Services offered by Paladin through the App or the Website, any other amount that may be charged as deposit or fine it is explicitly excluded by the present definition.

Deposit means the amount which Lender shall transfer through the App in order to guarantee the correct use of the Services.

Meeting means the encounter between the Borrower and Lender scheduled for the delivery of the Product in connection with the services offered by Paladin through the App or the Website.



Entered into Borrower and Lender (together referred also as the “Parties”):

Lender by clicking on the “Approve deposit” button (“I agree, submit this order”) expressly accepts all the terms and conditions set at the Lease Agreement.

Borrower by subscribing to the App expressly accept all the terms and conditions set at the Lease Agreement

Paladin may at its sole discretion amend the Terms and Conditions, the Lease Agreement and the Privacy policy at any time. By clicking on the “Accept the deposit” and/or respectively _______button, Lender and/or Borrower indicate the acknowledgment and acceptance of the amended Terms and Conditions and the Lease Agreement and the Privacy Policy.

Disclaimer – Paladin shall take all efforts to ensure that descriptions and prices indicated in the Website and in the App are correct and correspond to reality. Paladin or the Borrower reserves the right to correct mistakes or errors where required. It is understood that all prices and availability may be subject to change without prior notice. Paladin is not a party in any relation between the Borrower and the User and does not guarantee the fulfillment and success of the Services and in any case it shall not be considered liable for any issue should arise between the Parties with or without connection with the Services the present Terms and condition, the Lease Agreement, the Privacy Policy.

Lease – Borrower hereby leases to Lender, and Lender hereby leases from Borrower, specifically the Product/s indicated and/or shown above in the Contents area during the checkout process.

Meeting and delivery – Lender agrees and undertakes to pay both the Rent and the Deposit in case of damage of the Product, unless Parties agree otherwise.

Terms – The terms of this Lease Agreement shall commence at the same immediate moment the User shall click Accept the Deposit button. The terms of this Lease Agreement shall expire at the same immediate moment of termination of the period agreed by the Parties, by clicking the button  release the Deposit or send the Deposit back .The Product must be returned in the fashions Parties previously agreed during the Meeting.

Rent – Rent and a Deposit, if required, shall be paid at the conclusion of the deal. prior to such moment the credit card details of the Parties shall be only stored as guarantee for the future payment.

Late Returns– Late returns are sanctioned by agreement of the Parties.

Use – Lender shall use the Product in a careful and proper manner and shall comply with and in compliance to all applicable laws bylaws and regulations that might be in any way related to the use or possession of the Product. In any case in good faith and with due diligence.

Ownership – The Product remains at all times in the sole and exclusive ownership of the Borrower  who shall detain all rights of claim. The Lender, in turn, has no rights or claims in connection with the Product.

Damages – Lender shall keep the Product in good status and condition. Lender shall not materially attempt to adjust, alter or modify the Product. In the event of any material alteration, Lender will be responsible for all reasonable costs of the Borrower in restoring the Product to its condition ex ante in the limits of the value of the Deposit.

In any event Lender accepts and shall bear any risk of damage to the Product.

In case of a dispute between the Parties these are the only persons whose can be held responsible, Paladin shall never be involved in any refund, deposit or reparation which my be claimed by the Parties.

In the event of damage, Borrower shall provide for the repair or withhold the deposit and promptly return the Product to the Lender.

Loss of Product– Lender accepts and shall bear any risk of loss of the Product by any reason during the term of the Lease.

Lost or Stolen Product – In the event that the Product is reported by Lender as lost or stolen during the term of the Lease, Lender is liable toward the Borrower for the replacement value of the Product through the payment of the amount previously set as Deposit.

Unreturned Product – If the Product is not returned to the Borrower at the agreed time-limit, this latter shall claim the Deposit by clicking on the take the Deposit button, in addition to the relevant rental fees.

Default– In case of default of payment, all amounts due by the Lender to the Borrower are immediately due and payable. Lender shall be held liable for any reasonable expenses of the Borrower incurred in the attempt to recover the amount due, by way of the Deposit set initially by the Parties.

In case of dispute between the Parties the Borrower shall always have the right to withhold the Deposit in case of: (i) Missing Accessories; (ii) Liability (ii) Malfunctioning Products.

Borrower does not have any claim in connection with images, video, or sound recordings made by the Lender while using the Product.

Paladin fees – Paladin does not actually charge any fee to the Users for the Services

Invoice –Paladin shall not currently issue invoices as for the aforementioned point.

Payments – Paladin uses Stripe ( as a payment system, which shall grant the safety of your personal data. Uses will receive payments exclusively towards Stripe on their indicated bank account. Paladin shall send a stripe link through a personal email to the Users at the moment the Product is returned to the Borrower. It is responsibility of the User to carefully subscribe to Stripes in order to receive the relevant payment. Paladin shall not be held in any way responsible of the failure of the User to register nor of any issue may arise in relation to the registration process.

Disciplinary Paladin reserve its right to block or cancel the User without any prior notice in the cases of whatsoever discriminatory of offensive behavior (inter alia, race, sex, sexual preference, ethnicity, age, colour, national origin, religion, category, class, group, whether by abuses or offences). The aforementioned listing shall not be intended as complete and final; Paladin has the power to act at its sole discretion in relation to behaviors of the Users that do not fit with the Paladin spirit. In any case Paladin shall not be held liable for any behaviour of its Users and/or the closure of an account.

Severability – This represents the entire agreement between Borrower and Lender. If any term or provision in the Agreement shall be held to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable, in whole or part, under any enactment or rule of law, such term or provision or part shall to that extent be deemed not to form part of the Agreement but the legality, validity and enforceability of the remainder of the Agreement shall not be affected.

Governing Laws

The Agreement and any non-contractual obligation arising out of or in connection to, it is governed by and shall be construed in accordance with Italian law.


In the event of dispute between the Parties, Paladin shall promptly act to mediate in order to obtain the amicable settlement on any issue arisen.

However, in case of failure of the aforementioned mediation process, any dispute between the Parties arising out of or in connection with the Lease Agreement, including but not limited to any question regarding its existence, validity or termination, shall be referred to the Court of Milan.



Please read and acknowledge the following information related to Paladin’s collecting, gathering and privacy practices. By using the App  and/or any other service provided by Paladin s.r.l. (hereinafter “Paladin”) website, (hereinafter the “Website”) you consent to the collection, use, and storage of your personal information as described in this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy applies to all transactions and activities in which you engage with and through Paladin in and out the App, online  and offline.



Paladin does not send spam or directly transfer to third parties email’s contact details. In the event you received an unsolicited email invitation to join Paladin or to attend an event, the invitation was generated by a third user of the Website and not by Paladin. We do not deem the invitation as a request for Paladin to contact you further, and we will not contact you with respect to any matter other than the invitation unless we receive a request for such further contact from you. However, if you don’t wish to receive any further communication from Paladin, please see the “Cancelation” section below which explains how to avoid further contacts by Paladin or third parties.



Paladin is the sole owner of all non-personal information collected through the Website and the App. Paladin shall not distribute, sell, share, or licence any  Personal Data to third parties in different fashions than those disclosed in this agreement. We reserve the right to report any activity reasonably believed to be unlawful to the competent authority.


Personal Information

By using this App, you acknowledge and agree to allow Paladin to anonymously detect and use the information and your experience disclosed through the App for the purposes of further studying and developing our services. However, all of your information shall be kept anonymous, and no private-personal information will ever be disclosed, distributed nor published. Although, Paladin may use at its discretion your username and non-confidential experience related information in relation to marketing purposes.

In connection with your use of this App and/or any other Service, Paladin may at any time collect personal information. These data shall be used only for purposes of improving and tailoring Paladin Services for the Users, and will never be transferred to any third party. Paladin considers your personal information highly confidential and shall not revert it to anyone outside of Paladin and its Service Providers, albeit the following exceptions of disclosures to: (i) to subsidiary and parent companies and other affiliated legal entities with whom Paladin is under common corporate control, (ii) in the event of a change of ownership or transfer of Paladin assets, or (iii) in the event of  bankruptcy, where required to do so by law, (iv) to prevent a crime, or (v) to protect the safety of Paladin or any of its Users. For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, the term “Service Provider” means a Paladin agent, representative, contractor, or other provider of a service with whom Paladin has an agreement pursuant to which the Service Provider supports the operation of Paladin. All Service Providers are required: (i) to keep your information confidential, and (ii) not to use the information for any purpose other than the operation of Paladin. Any Paladin parent, subsidiary and/or affiliated legal entity that receives your personal information, financial information, or non-anonymous demographic information from Paladin will comply with the terms of this Privacy Policy with respect to its use and disclosure of the information.

In addition, in connection with our online networking service, Paladin may collect information from you, which is used in order to enable Paladin users (each a “User”) to locate other Users by searching profile data. Some basic information that you provide for inclusion in your public profile will be displayed publicly, but your specific address and other contact information will not be shared with other Users unless and until you share them. Your public profile will be displayed to and searchable by other Users, including a contact mechanism.

Paladin does not collect information about persons younger than 18 years of age. All users of the Website and all Paladin Users must represent to Paladin that they are at least 18 years old.

When you connect to our Website, our web servers recognize your IP address and certain other information about your computer. This is necessary to deliver downloaded products to you, administer the web server; and track down problems. Paladin may also use what are called “cookies” to store and retrieve customer information through a user’s web browser. This permits the App to serve you more effectively. You can refuse cookies by turning them off in your browser.

By initiating any activity or transaction that uses financial information on the App, you consent to Paladin providing your financial information to appropriate Service Providers as we determine are necessary to support and process your activities and transactions. By purchasing, registering, or making reservations for products or services of any third parties offered on the App, or by participating in programs offered on the App that require you to submit financial information to third parties in order to use them, you also consent to us providing your financial information to those third parties. These third parties may be authorized to use your financial information in accordance with their own privacy policies, over which you acknowledge that Paladin has no control and for the use or misuse of which Paladin is not responsible.

Website Security

The App has security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control. However, Paladin cannot and does not represent or warrant that the App is hack-proof or completely secure.



You have the following options for removing your information from our database to not receive future communications or services: 1) unsubscribe at; or 2) send a removal request to



Paladin reserves the right to amend and update at any time the provisions contained in the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. If no objections are raised by the User within 10 days following notification of the modifications, the user is assumed to accept said modifications



We welcome comments, questions and queries about Paladin, the App or other related products or services, including this Privacy Policy. Please contact us at