The sharing economy

By on Tuesday September 19th, 2017 in Manifesto


The sharing economy is a new and very large phenomenon, so it is still difficult to confine it into a precise definition. However, a basic explanation can be provided. As the term explains the economy is sharing based and develops it’s business via web platforms (peer to peer), where there is no natural difference in the roles of the producer and the consumer (prosumer).
The momentum to this economy is given by the rapid digital development as well as nowadays consumers that can be defined as the internet generation.
The Internet generation, as Jeremy Rifkin,one of the most influential economists of our century, said, has come to conceive freedom in a positive key as a collective inclusion. In fact this generation focuses on a ‘ wide variety of experience and a wide range of relationships.
Freedom is measured in terms of access to others rather than possession within the market context. This economy is designed to allow a vast network of people to join social structures and create new opportunities. It also puts individuals in a position to “be able to undertake” by creating a generation more free to grow in their own initiatives, by being socially integrated. this structure can potentially tie more people in a global community by enabling the development of social capital and by encouraging a network of individuals to develop a platform for sharing economics.


Paladin as part of the sharing economy environment: a rental solution

In this context, the concept of Paladin is created.
Paladin offers the possibility to lend and borrow a full range of products, choosing from 7 categories: hi tech, music, sports, home and garden, clothes, outdoor and more. We believe in a sustainable idea and we want to give people the ability to earn from unused or little-used items, such as a GoPro for a weekend or a mixer to rent for a party. We also support the social aspect by encouraging people to meet and exchange knowledge and common interests: Paladin is social sharing.
The ultimate goal is to facilitate the exchange between users at affordable prices and to encourage collaboration between people; Paladin focuses on sharing objects that allow on one side to gain and saving on the other, helping to efficiently use all the products we own.